Selling Your Coastal Property?

Selling Your Coastal Property? Posted on : 11/13/2014
Whatever the reason, NOW might just be the right time to sell your coastal property.  SA Auction Group is creating a superb opportunity for owners of coastal properties wanting to sell.
“We have been approached by many property owners and the outcome is a National Multi Coastal Property Online Auction to be hosted smack in the middle of the festive season”, says Rudi Herbst, Managing Director of SA Auction Group.  Herbst adds that the advantage of this auction is that the consolidated national marketing budget makes it possible for anyone to list their property for this auction.  
Bids on this online auction will open on Monday, 22 December 2014, and will close on 30 December 2014 from 14:00.  Selling your property via an online auction is extremely safe and no risk is involved.  In fact, each property forms part of the auction excitement that is created.  After the bids close, each property enters a confirmation period of 14 days, in which any person can make a higher offer, extending the marketing reach of all the properties on auction.
If you are thinking of disposing of your coastal property, speak to our professional team. Contact Rudi Herbst for a free consultation on 082 695 6658 or email him at and do not miss out on this perfect opportunity to capitalize.