Clear advantages of buying and selling at auction

Clear advantages of buying and selling at auction Posted on : 1/5/2021

Last time we spoke about the most expensive items ever sold at auctions around the world. Today, we focus on daily auctions and why everyone should get involved.

The auction world is exciting, but it is also big business for buyers and sellers. Buyers acquire property; vehicles; implements; furniture; music, hairdressing, catering and office equipment, and just about anything in-between at a price they are willing to pay, and sellers consistently earn cash for their unwanted assets. In other words, it is clear to buyers that auctions offer true market price for goods, and sellers are confident that their goods will sell.

Other advantages to buying at auction include transparency (buyers are given a fair opportunity to bid and buy at a price they determine), no lengthy negotiations, a more secure and documented buying process, and a wide range of goods availability on one buying platform. For sellers, on the other hand, advantages include selling goods with the voetstoots clause and the overall speed of the sale process.

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