What are the trendiest online products of 2020?

What are the trendiest online products of 2020? Posted on : 1/5/2021

Online shopping has never been as trendy as in 2020. The global pandemic, along with advances in payment gateways and other ecommerce tools, has provided the perfect platform for a boom in the industry globally. If you are considering selling goods on our world-class online store, these are amongst the top selling products for 2020 you can consider selling.

Many online stores have reported an increase in sales of home exercise equipment, technology and supplies that aid work-from-home, home schooling supplies and of course, personal protective equipment such as face shields and masks. What has also made the list of top sellers globally are items such as:

  • Beauty products including face masks and nail kits
  • Board games, educational toys for children and hobby accessories
  • Fitness clothing and accessories such as Yoga and Pilates mats
  • Homeware and cookware
  • Gardening tools such as hose pipes
  • Health products such as matcha tea

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