Agriculture and the impact of COVID-19.

Agriculture and the impact of COVID-19. Posted on : 1/5/2021

The arrival of COVID-19 in South Africa in early 2020 placed additional challenges on an industry that was already plagued by insecurity. Africa has seen its fair share of drought, crop disease, floods and low economic growth.

Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza said: “The advent of COVID-19 has […] created a perfect storm, which requires meticulous attention to detail in addressing its impact on food security and nutrition. We should, while dealing with the immediate challenges visited upon us by COVID-19, also appreciate the window of opportunity that COVID-19 has provided for us to reimagine, reset and reposition our agriculture post this disaster.”

The ‘Agricultural Outlook 2020-2029’ report additionally stated that sub-Saharan Africa’s trade deficit in major food items was anticipated to widen over the next 10 years. For a full report, please visit the 2020 article “COVID-19 ‘perfect storm’ for African food security” in Farmer’s Weekly.

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