In order to participate in any auction, you must be a registered bidder on our system.

  1. You must be logged in or registered to bid. 
  2. To register for an auction, you must accept the terms and conditions once signed in.
  3. Ensure that you have completed your profile and proceeded to send the necessary FICA documents.
  4. All auctions provide a contact number and contact person that can assist you. Please view the auction for these details.
  5. View our auctions.
  6. Select an auction to view the description and Lots.
  7. The details of an auction are displayed as tabs for easy reference, for example, Liquidation, Estate Late, whether the auction is Closed or how long the auction has been running for, etc.
  8. An auction Lot
  9. For a detailed list of items, a catalogue may be available. Please select “read more” on the auction description to view the catalogue.
  10. For each lot under a live auction, a green ribbon indicates that bids are open.
  11. Place your bid.
  12. What happens if I win a bid?
    You can also create a “Watchlist” by clicking on the eye icon in the top right corner of an item. Your watchlist can be viewed under your profile, or if you refresh your page, the watchlist tab is before the lot number tabs.